“Hello Gorgeous! How are you today?”
This is the way my mum would greet herself in the mirror every morning when I was growing up. Probably for our amusement as kids but also to give herself that confidence boost every morning! Either way it was my introduction to positive behaviour and the ultimate female role model.

Hi, my name is Emma. My aim is to provide you with the skills to grow your business online or as I like to say “lets thrive online”.

Biz Shiz offers people real advice about building and running their business online. It is run as a Business Consultancy and aims to be a one stop shop for all the skills needed to “thrive online”. If this sounds like you, look no further.

Anyone can start a business, sometimes you just don’t know where to ‘start’! I will give you the skills and the knowledge to get you to the next step. Whether this is help setting up a business, creating a digital presence, understanding the use of online tools or just navigating eCommerce – I can help.

So who am I and why should you trust me?

My name is Emma, and I set up Biz Shiz ( I hoped the name would be catchy) a couple of years ago. I have been working in Sales and Marketing for over twenty years, and after a few years as a freelancer, I wanted to make more of a difference.

My skill set is quite vast which is why my most popular service is a CONFIDENCE CALL. This means I can cover any area of business you need to discuss. I have experience in most areas. Whilst employed I have worked for several multi-national and blue chip companies which has included everything from writing tenders, managing PPC, running campaigns, becoming an ‘Ad’ expert, developing CRM practices and much more.

I also run a couple of ecommerce businesses and from that experience, I work with clients 1:1 showing them how to excel on these platforms.

I now act as a Business Consultant using the skills developed and adding more knowledge and expertise by the day. I have both UK and Global clients, I am only ever a ZOOM call away! Its an exciting time to run a business, let me show you how! CLICK HERE FOR MORE ….

Customer REVIEWS

Don’t take my word for it, listen to our customers:

“I am really pleased with the new SEO focused copy that Emma has produced for me. Its much more concise and reads much better. I’d become too close to the project and needed someone to look at it subjectively with fresh eyes. I am already planning my next project with Emma.” Creative Design, Invercargill, New Zealand

Emma was fantastic from start to finish. Great communication, professional, and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Her suggestions and comments were super helpful and the business plan she created for me is perfect. Would highly recommend! Holly, Bali On My Mind, Brighton.

Hi Emma, just wanted to say thank you for mentioning those tips on optimising my listings on Amazon. I have had a few sticky products, I made the changes you suggested and like magic, sales the very next day. Your training was brilliant! Thank you so much !! Karen, 123 Environmental Solutions, Doncaster.

Emma was great to work with and we highly recommend. She was tasked with helping us with a tender bid, she is very experienced in these matters, we have worked with her before. We had a series a pre-qualifying tender questions for a very large contract with the local council. She used her extensive knowledge to tease out the correct information which would be essential in us winning the contract. We were indeed successful!Adam, Adam’s Educational Services, Woolwich.

Contact Us!

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Equally please use any of my social channels as well. You can find me on Facebook, in our Facebook Group, Twitter, Instagram (my personal fave for daily chat!), on the You Tube or my dulcet tones on the Podcast.

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