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How do I stop so much spam from LinkedIn?

Lets deal with the Elephant in the room! How much spam in terms of sales messages do you receive on a daily basis? A LOT I am thinking! The best approach is to turn these requests into content. If someone wants to hit you up to talk about a certain topic. Instead offer to make a video or write a post all about it. That way you can save it as an article and its great content which you can promote yourself with. Double win!!

Elephant in the room!!

Is LinkedIn good for creating connections with people?

I think it used to be but like most things the platform has changed to one of connections to more a broadcasting platform like the rest of social media.

What is LinkedIn best used for?

  • Showcase Your Products and Services.
  • Leverage LinkedIn Groups.
  • Boost Your Company’s SEO on LinkedIn.
  • Tap the Power of Pulse.
  • Find Out Who’s Reading.
  • Promote Your Page To Gain More Followers.

Which posts perform the best on LinkedIn?

The posts which seem to perform the best are:

– controversial videos

– emotional hook

– data driven

– targeted research piece

– question based content

LinkedIn for Business

What other tactics can I use on LinkedIn to create a reaction?

If you have a complaint or compliment which you feel others would agree or disagree with, using this as a topic for a post is a great idea. For example if you wanted to attend an event and couldn’t get a ticket, you could call out the event organisers and tag them in. This would give a great reach depending on the popularity of the person tagged. It is a click bait idea, but also a great hook as people love the controversy!

Think about the heading and first few lines of a post. Is there enough there to hook your reader? Getting key words and info in the first two lines is crucial, before the ‘Read More’ comes up … You might write a click baity title such as: “Hey VP’s of Marketing! I want to discuss something which is really grinding my goat…” This is probably enough to peak someones interest. This is one such tactic you could use.

What about using hashtags on LinkedIn?

Hashtags are just as powerful on LinkedIn as with any other platform. I think the key with this platform is to be specific for the markets you want to be seen in. The LinkedIn algorithm responds best to the less is more approach. So a couple of hashtags is better than 30.

Did someone say hashtag?

Is it best to include an image with every post on LinkedIn?

The research says probably not. The algorithm on LinkedIn seems to favour text only posts. Just like if you are tagging one individual that is OK but tagging 30 of your contacts, is seen as very spammy and has a clearly detrimental effect on the reach.

Should I put the link to an external source on the LinkedIn post?

You can but the data shows us the reach will be effected. Like all platforms they want to keep you on theirs for as long as possible, for ad revenue if nothing else. A lot of businesses have started to add links in the comments to get around this issue. Not sure how successful this is, but its a worthy tactic.

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What is the ULTIMATE Goal with LinkedIn these days?

LinkedIn for many years was a connect and pitch platform but as it has grown over the last twenty+ years, this has changed drastically. It is very much a place where you can add many people to your network, but those sales conversions are so much harder to come by. It is more about creating content for your audience like most social channels.

It is all about connecting your audience to your brand, and building that relationship so that when they want the product or service you are offering, you are their first call! Respect is the key word here. Building a brand is everything. They need to trust you and then they will want to do business with you. Collaborations in person or online, reviews and recommendations are everything.

No one has ever (in general) been successfully cold called, cold emailed, people don’t buy like this. They buy from brands they like and respect. Its the whole – tell don’t sell approach. People engage and like your content so that when they need something they will go to your site first. Its the brands that they respect and remember that do well.

If you can establish a first class connection, drive discussion, be helpful as you would be in real life. This will make you more memorable and mean that you are more likely to be called upon in the future. A classic sales funnel technique.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did feel free to share – I would really appreciate that. Share the love and the knowledge!

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