Should I be marketing my business during the Coronavirus (Covid19) outbreak?

How do I market my business during the Coronavirus (Covid19) Pandemic?

A common question right now is whether you should be marketing your business at this time? ABSOLUTELY!

There will be businesses which simply cannot operate during this time (those that are customer-facing!). There will be other who will be able to positively thrive in this climate. It is more a case of how you do it, rather than whether to do it at all. EMPATHY is the magic word here.

Which businesses will thrive during Coronavirus (Covid19)?

Ecommerce business is already huge and growing year on year, but these businesses have the opportunity to grow exponentially under current conditions, as do mail carriers, food producers, local independent retailers who offer delivery. Other areas of growth currently would be toys/games, food, beverage, crafts, medical and other items where there is little to no supply or simply cannot be bought due to lockdown restrictions.

I have a couple of ecommerce businesses where I sell my own products. They are known as ‘White Label’ or ‘Private Label’ with my own branding added. I have always made a point of BUY BRITISH so I am currently not having any supply issues, happy customers all round. Profit is not everything. But customer service and supply chain is!

Should I continue my advertising spend?

Most definitely! The thing about spending on advertising with the likes of Google and Facebook is that it is very much a bidding system. So as more people will have removed their Ad Spend, it makes it cheaper for you to target more people with greater ease. Normally, the more people who want to get in front of a given audience, the more expensive it becomes. So continuing with paid advertising or even better increasing your spend is definitely something I would promote at this current time.

How can I show my empathy and appreciation for my customers at this time?

There are many easy ways to thank your customers for their business, and to show empathy in these uncertain times. One way is to include a thank you note with physical purchases, such as “Thank you for your purchase and for supporting our business at this difficult time, we greatly appreciate it.”

Being mindful of the struggles others are experiencing is key. People may have lost their job, their business, a family member maybe sick or they could just be incredibly anxious and worried by current events. By acknowledging this, you at least make them feel appreciated in their time of need.

How do I turn the Coronavirus Outbreak into an opportunity for myself and my business?

This is not a great set of circumstances for anyone, but what most people will have is a lot of down time. Now this could be a time to catch up with Net Flix? Or it would be an amazing opportunity to catapult your business to new heights? The choice is yours.

There are so many free courses available at the moment, I have signed up to a few! Think about all those jobs you have wanted to do. What is crucial to your business that by learning more about could really change your situation? Where does your weakness lie? This time to increase your skills and knowledge could pay huge dividends further down the line.

I am definitely focusing on my Blog, Podcast, & Vlogging creating as much quality content as I can to help both my clients and new followers. I will probably look at reading new blogs and podcasts related to this industry to further my own knowledge. Some of my upcoming projects have been cancelled, so I now have the time to do this. I definitely see this as an opportunity. Give your business the breathing space to expand and not contract in these very challenging circumstances. Your future self will thank you for it.

And remember, “this too shall pass”.

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